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The Northern Blogger on the Guardian has recently posted a blog about Iby Knill.
Holocaust: ‘I still don’t know why I survived. Perhaps it was to talk to you’

Iby Knill

A little extract:

I first met Iby Knill last year when I took my daughter to hear her speak about Nazi persecution in a church hall in Leeds. I was immediately transported back to my childhood listening to similar stories in our living room from Jewish refugees with whom we shared our lives in a curious part of Glasgow during the 1960s.


All had arrived in this frontier town as refugees thankful to have escaped with their lives, or whisked away by the Kinder Transport or repatriated to these shores and – just like Knill – had survived. I grew up hearing conversation switch from English to French, German, or sometimes Yiddish or Russian. Our lives resonated with echoes of a lost world of European Jewish society before fascism…

If you would like to read more of this article, please follow this link to the Guardian website.

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Chesterfield Council, an Article; ‘Remembering the Holocaust’

Chesterfield Council is hosting a talk by Iby Knill on the Thursday 24 January from 6pm at the Chesterfield Borough Council’s council chamber in the Town Hall. If you would like to find out more information about this talk, please visit their website; Chesterfield Council.

The event is a free to attend event and there will be an opportunity to purchase Iby’s book, ‘The Women without a Number’. There will be a Q & A session at the end of that talk.

Also, at 2pm on the same afternoon, the Council Chamber will be the venue for a showing of the documentary film The Power of Good, the story of Sir Nicholas Winton who saved 669 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia between 1938 and 1939.

If you are unable to attend, there will be an update post on that will provide an insight as to the days activities.

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