Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions that you would like to ask Iby, please email Iby at iknill01@gmail.com

Who do you speak to?
Any appropriate organisation seeking first hand discussions on the Holocaust and allied matters, e.g., educational establishments,  youth groups, Rotary clubs, Women’s Institutes, also conferences on democracy, anti-bullying campaigns, etc.

Is there a minimum or maximum size of audience?
I have spoken to groups of twenty and audiences of several hundred. In schools a group should not really exceed 200 students.

Is there a minimum age?
Yes, usually 14 – year 9.

Are there any introductory materials available?
Yes. You can read a summary of Iby’s story at www.holocaustlearning.org. There is general background informtaion on the Holocaust at www.hmd.org.uk or www.het.org.uk.

Should students have some prior knowledge?
It is useful if students have some prior knowledge of the subject; if they do not, please let me know and I shall bring a DVD lasting 13 minutes providing introductory material.

How long does your talk last?
It depends on the group’s requirements. For schools requiring input into history/citizenship this would normally entail a double session including a Powerpoint presentation and a questions and answers session. For other occasions it can be condensed into as little as a 20 minute presentation.

How important is it for there to be a question and answers session?
For student audiences it is essential that they should have the opportunity to have their questions answered. It might be the only opportunity they have of speaking to a survivor of a concentration camp.

Are there any charges?
I would expect my travelling expenses to be covered and, if possible, a donation to be made to the HSFA to enable our work to continue. For large or paying audiences there would be a speaker’s fee.

Will we be able to buy your book from you?
Yes, signed copies will be available.

Would you speak to more than one audience in one day?
No, it is emotionally exhausting to deal with past traumatic events and I would not do more than one talk in a day.

Anything we need to do after your talk?
I am always grateful for feedback, if possible in writing or by email.
It not only helps to refine the talk but also ensures that I know that what I said was appropriate to the audience, the venue, the circumstances.

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